Encoding your script files

Download the free Windows Script Encoder utility from Microsoft's 
Scripting Web site (http://msdn.microsoft.com/scripting) and you'll 
be able to encode both server-side and client-side VBScript and 
JavaScript. To encode a script file, pass the name of your HTML or 
ASP file, along with a name for the new, encoded version of it, to 
the command-line script encoder, like this:

screnc file1.asp file1_enc.asp

Two important points: First, Microsoft doesn't provide a tool for decoding 
an encoded script file, so be aware that there isn't any straightforward 
way to reverse engineer the encoded file. This makes it important to keep 
the original, unencoded version! Second, this is encoding, not encryption, 
and as such, it isn't going to keep out a determined hacker, but it should 
be sufficient to stop more casual and simply curious Web programmers from 
seeing (or stealing) your code.

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