Execute a Process and Fetch its Output

Ever wondered how Visual Studio executes a process - such as a compiler - and displays the text it returns in its own window? It's actually really easy - and here's a simple example as to how.

Shared Function GetProcessText(ByVal process As String, ByVal param As String, ByVal workingDir As String) As String
 Dim p As Process = New Process
 ' this is the name of the process we want to execute
 p.StartInfo.FileName = process
 If Not (workingDir = "") Then
   p.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = workingDir
 End If
 .StartInfo.Arguments = param
 ' need to set this to false to redirect output
 p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = False
 p.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = True
 ' start the process
 ' read all the output
 ' here we could just read line by line and display it
 ' in an output window
 Dim output As String = p.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd
 ' wait for the process to terminate
 Return output
End Function

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