Storing Documents with MS Access - SharePoint lists or Access BLOB fields

How do I get started?

Here's what you'll need to do to play with this project:

(1) In the class module 'clsws_Lists', change the constant 'c_WSDL_URL' to point at your SharePoint site's list webservice

(2) In the module 'BLOB', change all of the following constants:

SharePointLinkedTableName: The SharePoint list as it is named in Access (via a linked table)

SharePointListName: The SharePoint list as named in SharePoint - same list as above

SharePointLinkedTableKeyField: "ID" (should be the same)

SharePointLinkedTableTitleField: "Title" (up to you!)

SharePointLinkedTableExternalKeyField: "ExternalKey" (up to you!)

SharePointLinkedTableDocumentDescriptionField: "Description" (up to you!)

SharePointLinkedTableDocumentPathField: "OriginalPath" (up to you!)

(3) Replace 'OEOSPDocumentList' (linked table in the Access Project) with a linked table that points at your SharePoint list... this list must support attachments, since that's how we are going to store the documents.  [When looking at your list in SharePoint, click on 'Edit in DataSheet', and then click on 'Task Pane'.  At this point, you can click on 'Create linked table in Access' to link the SharePoint list to this project file.]


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