SQL Server Loadfest

Fri, 27 Mar 2009, 13:00 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
201 Jones Rd. , Waltham, US

Join us for the SQL Server Loadfest and do a hands-on installation of SQL Server 2008.
The installation sessions starts with preparation steps: • Server sizing • Preparing disks for SQL Server • Security preparation During the install process you’ll receive step-by-step instruction and live demonstration of the installation process. Several SQL Server experts will be on hand to help with any issues that might arise. The session will follow up with post-install steps to prepare your SQL Server for production use: • Creating a backup strategy • Database maintenance tasks like index-reorganization and DBCC • Managing database growth After the Loadfest session the day will continue with breakout sessions: • SQL Server Clinic – One-on-one help with installation or other issues. • Securing SQL Server – Configuration, encryption, auditing, and Defense Against the Dark Arts (hackers) • Business Intelligence and Reporting • Data in the Cloud – Moving data to the internet • New features of T-SQL Bring your laptop or other computer and install SQL Server 2008. Plenty of power will be available. However, a computer is not a required. There will be a demo install on a large screen for everyone to follow. Sponsors: Boston Area Windows Server User Group, Boston User Groups, NTierty, Microsoft, and Novick Software

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