Effective use of Blend 4 with William Wegerson, Microsoft MVP

Boulder Silverlight Users Group
Fri, 22 Apr 2011, 00:30 - 02:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Cup , Boulder, US

For one to do development in Silverlight 4 one needs all the tools at one’s disposal. One of those tools is Microsoft Blend. William Wegerson discusses how to use Blend by giving an overview of the GUI and its shortcuts. How to create Timelines for animation and how to make use of behaviors, bindings and creation of bindable data on the fly for design time development. If time permits he will demonstrate Sketchflow and how to use it to create prototypes in Silverlight to give your project that edge it needs to hopefully succeed. Bring your laptop and follow along.


William Wegerson is a Microsoft C# MVP who has real world experience with the Silverlight technology and is actively submitting Microsoft Connect Issues against Silverlight to make it a better product. He brings his insights to you in this meeting with the hope that you can get a handle on the pro’s and con’s of Silverlight development using Blend. He is active in the development community by being and MSDN Forums moderator, Tech Blog Writer (omegacoder.com) and  by imparting knowledge of technologies through labs and public speaking engagements. He normally haunts the Denver Visual Studio User’s group and has taught a few Intro to Silverlight classes for them.

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