Exebit 2011

IIT Madras Computer Science Department
1-3 Apr 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
IIT Madras , Chennai, IN

Hello and welcome to the third year of Exebit , the annual technical festival of the department of Computer Science, IIT Madras. The need for efficient and accurate calculation and automation has, over the years resulted in the birth of a new science. What started as a simple calculating device became a phenomenon that changed the face of technology, business and governance the world over. With its pervasive applications in all walks of life, Computer Science has completely revolutionized our lifestyle. The Computer Science & Engineering department of IIT Madras brings you, Exebit 2011, offering you a plethora of events ranging from hard-core programming contests, nerve-wracking puzzles and games to enriching workshops and presentations. The fest will be conducted in two phases, the online and the on-site.

This year we are back with more events, more people and more fun to be had. With an aim to bring together the best minds in the world of Computer Science, Exebit is the ideal place to show the world how skilled you are. Boasting a range of events from Android Development to Math Modeling, we have more than enough ways to keep you occupied. If you want to fight it out with the best of the best, then by all means show us in our online events which are geared towards the creme de la creme. But don't for a second let the misconception that our onsite events are any bit less challenging befall you. The only difference (and this differentiates us from other fests as well) is, for our onsite events, our coordinators will take a small tutorial of sorts prior to the event to prepare you for the event. So, if you've always wanted to learn something but never knew where to start, come and attend our onsite events. They would be perfect for you. If workshops are your thing, then prepare to take your knowledge to the next level with advanced workshops on parallel programming, FOSS, and NS2 among others. And if all this isn't enough, well, let's just say we're keeping some of the best bits under wraps. Come to Exebit to learn, to meet people, and most importantly have fun!

To give you a short list of events we have planned for you:

  1. AdroiDev - A chance to develop and showcase your very own Android application.
  2. Enigma - Scour the web in your search for the ultimate treasure and a handsome monetary reward to boot.
  3. Brainbooz - Fancy yourself a puzzle champion. No puzzle too difficult to crack. Well then you fit the bill to be a part of this event. Come and show us just how skilled a puzzler you really are.
  4. Tank Wars - Always thought the AI in games was way too stupid for you? Think you can program a better AI? Well, here's your chance. In the online event, Tank Wars, you program the AI of your "tank" so that when you and others do battle, your tank comes out on top. Read more about it on our website.
  5. Tame the Game - What is one of the most important things a Computer Scientist relies on? Logic. Cold, brutal logic. How logical are you? This is your where you put yourself to the test. Take part in our gauntlet of challenges known simply as Tame the Game where algorithms are required, wits are necessary, and logic reigns supreme. Here, your coding skills matter not, all that matters is how logical you are.
  6. Online Programming Contest - The name says it all. Respected for its mindnumbingly hard problems and the sheer amount of ingenuity and skill it requires, it is every programmer's delight to take part in OPC.
  7. And of course, what fest would be complete without a Paper Presentation , a Math Modeling event and other staples of a techie diet.

And folks, that's not all. We have a special attraction for all of you. This is just one of the goodies waiting for you at Exebit. We have a game night! Yes, we do indeed have a night of games. Play CounterStrike, Age of Empires II and Need for Speed Most Wanted to your hearts content. Beat the others, have fun, and win money in the process. What more could you ask for?

Showcase of thoughts, crossroads of talent, and a hub of entertainment. Exebit is all these things and more. Come April 1st to 3rd to IIT Madras. Be there to witness the spectacle that is Exebit 2011.

Regards, Exebit Team

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