Session on agile design and development methods for Microsoft Azure.

Azure Cloud Computing Developers Group
Wed, 20 Apr 2011, 17:30 - 19:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Mountain View, US





Please join Terrace Software for a seminar on agile design and development methods for Microsoft Azure.  The Agile Cloud Project, an open source project for the development of an industry-standard agile cloud design and development methodology, will be announced during the seminar.


Seminar Title


Agile methodology for designing and developing Azure applications - Introducing the Agile Cloud Project



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The Cloud provides developers with a nearly infinite capacity for utility computing. Microsoft Azure provides a unique solution that is predictable, scales out elastically and is more cost effective. Designing and developing applications which take full advantage of these capabilities securely and dynamically requires a little change in thinking. Terrace and our partners have developed a new methodology to guide developers through best practices to design and develop Microsoft Azure applications. We call it the Agile Cloud project.


During our session we will be sharing a high level overview of the Agile Cloud project. The session is designed for managers, architects and senior developers who are considering or engaged in an Azure project. We will discuss the following:


·   How to design applications which leverage Azure’s asynchronous processing architecture


·   How to use Azure’s integrated data storage model including SQL Azure, Tables and Blobs


·   How to design multi-tenant data stores


·   How to design secure interfaces built on an OData foundation


·    How to design secure authentication models for both on-premises and standalone


·    How to design processes to dynamically manage processor usage


·    How to integrate your design methods in an Agile development methodology


Terrace launched the Agile Cloud project to leverage internally at Terrace and to share with the greater Cloud developer community. The techniques and content we will share during the session have all been placed in the public domain. Community comment, collaboration and contributions are welcome. Please make time to attend and learn about the Agile Cloud project and how this new methodology can improve the way you design and develop custom Azure applications.

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