UK Connected Systems User Group - May 2011

UK SOA/BPM User Group
Wed, 11 May 2011, 18:45 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
EMC Consulting , London, GB

This will be the may 2011 event for the UK Connected Systems User Group


Session 1

Topic: BizTalk Appfabric Connect (the need and the solution)

In this session Imran will talk about the need of using WCF services in an environment already hosting BizTalk Server. Imran will then highlight some of the pain points that developers have to go through using this approach followed by discussion on how App Fabric connect provides a solution to some of these concerns.

Speaker: Imran Shafqat


Imran is an experienced solution architect with around eight years of experience in managing, developing & supporting complex enterprise application projects.

He is Microsoft-certified technology specialist for BizTalk Server and has been recognized as Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) on BizTalk in 2004 and 2005. He specializes in designing and developing service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions using Microsoft BizTalk and WCF/WF technologies.



Session 2

Topic: Behaviour Driven BizTalk Development

In this session Michael will discuss how BDD can be used to help deliver successful BizTalk projects. Michael will also show how SpecFlow and BizUnit can be combined in your development processes to create testable behaviours to drive your development on BizTalk 2010.

Speaker: Michael Stephenson

Bio: Michael is a UK based BizTalk MVP and has been working with connected systems architecture for a number of years.


Session 3

Topic: BizTalk 360 Preview!

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