SpecFlow & S.O.L.I.D

Wed, 27 Jul 2011, 18:30 - 21:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
Bird in hand pub , Woking, GB

This month we welcome DevEvening regular Paul Stack.


(with Paul Stack)

More and more companies today are spending needless money on testing applications. Realistically, as developers, we can automate the majority of functional tests. SpecFlow is one way of automating these tests. In this session I will use use WatiN to help drive automation of business critical functions of your web based product. I'll touch on how SpecFlow helps us create tests that move us towards a BDD style of testing

What is SpecFlow?
How does SpecFlow relate to BDD?
The use of WatiN to test business critical functionality of a web product?
Why automation may not always be the answer and how things can go wrong?

C#ASP.NET Developer. An advocate of clean, maintainable code and am very passionate for what I do. Absolutely obsessed with Continuous Integration and how it should be used in every day development scenarios.


Is your code S.O.L.I.D?

(With Nathan Gloyn)

Everybody keeps on about SOLID principles but what are they? and why should you care?
In this session I'll aim to walk through each principle telling you about that principle and examining why you should use it.Once we've talked about the principle in theory we'll look to how we can put it into practice refactoring an existing application.

Nathan Gloyn is a passionate developer, designer, agile evangelist, and now sometimes a presenter. In his day time job he is part of an agile team at Dot Net Solutions developing software for clients that ranges from simple web applications to full featured cloud solutions.


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