LDNUG AUG10: Modelling and Waiting

London .NET User Group
Thu, 1 Sep 2011, 18:30 - 20:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
EMC Consulting , London, GB

Please note that the following sessions will run in parallel i.e. you can see on or other, not both

Liam Westley: Go Asynchronouse with C#5

Anders Hejlsberg announced the Visual Studio Async CTP at PDC 2010.

This CTP means you don’t need to create callback functions anymore and can write code in the same way as if it were synchronous. The compiler will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

  public async void GetDDD9Sessions()


     var ddd = "http://ddd.com/ddd9/Sessions.aspx";

     var sessions = await new WebClient().GetSessionsAsync(new Uri(ddd));


In this session we'll see how the GetDDD9Sessions method works and why it allows you to make a pot of tea while it runs.

More info on the Visual Studio Async CTP, including download details at, http://blogs.msdn.com/b/csharpfaq/archive/2010/10/28/async.aspx

Liam Westley

Liam is Head of Engineering at IMC Group Ltd as well as running his own company where he specialises in software for Broadcast Television although he recently diversified into software for the NHS. His Niagara SMS moderation system has been used by QVC UK for the last four years to display SMS messages from viewers, live, on screen.

Recently Liam completed a new ticketing system for Hat Trick Productions which is now providing e-tickets to shows such as Have I Got New For You, The Armstrong and Miller Show and It's Only A Theory.

Liam has worked for chellomedia, GMTV, BSkyB, SmashedAtom and Original Thinking Group. In his time he created the first in house weather system for Sky News using Visual Basic 1.0, acted as architect for two general election systems, project managed the launch of the GMTV web site, was key to delivering the first interactive television chat service in the UK for BSkyB and helped launch the first live shopping channels in the Netherlands.

You can find out more at http://www.tigernews.co.uk, or follow Liam on Twitter @westleyl.

Ian Cooper: Introduction to DDD, Part 1: Modelling

Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans is one of the classic texts on the subject of domain modelling. Many of its terms, such as repository, have entered developers everyday language. But how much do you know about DDD? In this presentation we look at how DDD helps us model a domain. We will introduce core ideas such as Ubiquitous Language, and we will explain how the classic patterns: Aggregates, Entities, Repositories etc. help us to build better domain models.

Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper has over 15 years of experience delivering Microsoft platform solutions in government, healthcare, and finance. During that time he has worked for the DTi, Reuters, Sungard, Misys and Beazley delivering everything from bespoke enterpise solutions to 'shrink-wrapped' products to thousands of customers. Ian is a passionate exponent of the benefits of OO and Agile. He is test-infected and contagious. When he is not writing C# code he is also the and founder of the London .NET user group. http://www.dnug.org.uk

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