(Wii Remote and Xbox/Kinect Hack Day cancelled) Open coding instead

Cambridge .NET Developer's User Group
Sat, 10 Sep 2011, 09:00 - 11:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
The Tram Depot , Cambridge, GB

Wii remote hack day and Kinect cancelled) now open coding : see update at bottom of page

The name says it all. 

This is a draft for now - I'll update with more information shortly, but suffice to say that this hack day is about building hacks with Wii remotes and (equipment permitting) other "hackable" equipment, e.g. Xbox Kinect.

Because we only have a morning, we won't be inventing new hacks, instead we'll be reproducing famous open source hacks on some really fun equipment.

Please RSVP early on this if you're interested as this hack day will require some advanced planning to ensure we have the correct equipment at the venue, e.g. projectors, xbox's large screen telly's etc. While CB2 is booked for CAMDUG for the day (10am till 2pm) we may change venue for the Tram Depot if large screens are required and ... if they'll let us use them.

... trying to plan more events along the them of FDD ( Fun Driven Development)

here are some website links for inspiration:


The idea for the day is to either (beforehand) pick one or more hacks that can be achieved from scratch in a day, or, simply make this the first of a few multi-part hack days during which a more ambitious project is tackled.




Hi all
Unfortunately we're short some equipment that I was hoping to have in place for the day, sorry for the very late email cancelling Saturday's event, but will have to put this event on hold for a short while.

Since I've managed to book CB2 I'm still going to go, and will be doing some general hacking and coding, but won't be hacking on the Xbox stuff.

Feel free to join me/us on Saturday and bring with your laptop if you want to keep me company and checkout what everyone else is doing and peek over my shoulder and look at MVC, Razor, Nancy and SimpleData.

I'm going to be trying to convert one of my own project to use MVC3 with Nancy and SimpleData, working from some exercises left over from the prognet course I attended this week. 

cheers, Alan


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