Two Presentations: Gradle and SmartClient Toolkit

The Charleston Java Users Group
21-22 Sep 2011 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Charleston, US

"Enterprises that think of Ajax as just "UI widgets" get into trouble quickly. SmartClient extends far beyond mere UI widgets, providing a comprehensive data binding architecture, a powerful cross-browser toolset, metadata management that radically reduces duplication and complexity, and an optional Java-based server for accelerated integration with popular Java frameworks.

David Castro, of Atlas Technologies and Carolina Kinetic, will be presenting a brief overview of the SmartClient toolkit, and then will give a demo of building a data-bound application from scratch in under 10 minutes!"


Gradle is a declarative build tool written using the Groovy meta language. Gradle build scripts allow developers to easily implement common developer tasks by providing an easy to customize domain specific language to manage builds, deployments, and common configuration tasks. Gradle's original motto was "Make the impossible possible, make the possible easy and make the easy elegant.” Join us and we will show how Gradle stacks up with Maven and Ant, and introduces many new framework features into the software configuration arena.

Rob Castellow, a long time J2EE developer whose worked at several startups and at his own contracting company, will be presenting an overview of Gradle.

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