SQL Dark Arts & Asynchronous C#

Wed, 26 Oct 2011, 18:30 - 21:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
Bird in hand pub , Woking, GB

The SQL Dark Arts-a.k.a Performance Tuning, indexing and query plans
(with Dave Morrison)

In this session, rather than a traditional look at "query tuning" I will challenge some of the common misconceptions around tuning queries. It will also go into some detail around why sometimes the query optimiser chooses "odd" plans which perform poorly and how to help the optimiser choose a better plan. It will also take a brief look at SARGability, indexing and "inverse predicates" The session will mainly be held in management studio

Dave Morrison is BI consultant for Adatis Consulting. Having worked in the IT industry for around 11 years his main area of expertise is SQL Server, namely TSQL, query optimisation, indexing, performance tuning and internals etc.
He blogs at http://blogs.adatis.co.uk/blogs/david/ and can be found on twitter at @TSQLNinja

Go Asynchronous with C# 5.0
(with Liam Westley)

It's almost a year since Anders Hejlsberg announced the Visual Studio Async CTP at PDC 2010. Since then we've had a refresh for VS2010 SP1 which extended the CTP to Windows Mobile as well as including a licence for production use.
This CTP means you don't need to create callback functions anymore and can write code in the same way as if it were synchronous. The compiler will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Liam Westley is Head Of Engineering at IMC Group Ltd where he leads a team of .Net developers in delivering digital media downloads. He works in an office on the 8th floor in Hammersmith where you can look out over Wembley Stadium, Loftus Road (QPR) and Craven Cottage (Fulham).
Previous to IMC Group, Liam worked as a consultant and still runs his own company Tiger Computer Services Ltd, specialising in software for Broadcast Television. His Niagara SMS moderation system has been used by QVC UK for the last four years to display SMS messages from viewers live, on screen.
Liam is also responsible for the ticketing system for Hat Trick Productions which provides e-tickets to shows such as Have I Got News For You, The Armstrong and Miller Show and It's Only A Theory.
Liam has worked for chellomedia, GMTV, BSkyB, SmashedAtom and Original Thinking Group. In his time he created the first in house weather system for Sky News using Visual Basic 1.0, acted as architect for two general election systems, project managed the launch of the GMTV web site, was key to delivering the first interactive television chat service in the UK for BSkyB and helped launch the first live shopping channel in the Netherlands.
Liam's blog can be found at http://geekswithblogs.net/twickers, or you can follow Liam on Twitter @westleyl.


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