NEW COURSE: On Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Ajax, Spring WebServices, Acegi

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Tue, 2 Jun 2009, 08:00 - 10:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
SkillsMatter , London, GB
2150.0 GBP

In this brand new 4-day hands-on training course, you will learn modern JEE development with lightweight Java frameworks and open source JEE technologies, including Spring, Hibernate, Ajax, AOP, Acegi, agile testing. The next session will be taught by the course author and well-known Spring expert Matt Raible.

And as the next session will be the 1ST TEACH of this course, you can register for this course at half price, if you book on or before May 2nd!


* Simplify Java development with Spring’s Dependency Injection
* Use Spring with Hibernate, as well as Spring JDBC
* Integrate Spring MVC with SiteMesh and Ajax
* Use Transactions and AOP efficiently
* Create and consume Web services with Spring
* Understand how Acegi Security can greatly enhance your security architecture
* Test Spring applications using unit tests with mock objects, integration tests with Spring, and testing your UI

Course Title: Matt Raible's Spring Fundamentals
Course Location: Skills Matter, London, EC1R
Course Description:
Course Cost: £2,150
Special Offer: Book on or before May 2nd and pay just £1,075
Registration: register here

The next session of this course in London will be taught by Matt Raible on June 2nd-5th.
Matt is also the author of this course. Matt has been surrounded by computers for most of his life, even though he grew up in the backwoods of Montana without electricity. Matt is an author (Spring Live, Pro JSP), active Java open-source contributor and blogger on

A full course programme and description can be found here

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