The JavaScript Disruption

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Thu, 29 Mar 2012, 17:30 - 19:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Dublin, IE

In this talk, at TCube, Richard Rodger, a longtime advocate of programming excellence, ex FeedHenry and COO of Waterford based start-up NearForm, and newly published Wiley book author of 'Mobile Application Development on the Cloud', will deliver his compelling arguments why Javascript will be as dispruptive in the enterprise world as Java was over a decade ago.

The mainstream programming language for the next ten years will be JavaScript. Once considered a toy language useful only for checking form fields on web pages, JavaScript will come to dominate software development.

But why this language and why now?

JavaScript is the language that web designers use to build web pages. It is not the language the software engineers use to build the business logic for those same web sites. JavaScript is small, and runs on the client, the web browser. It's easy to write unmaintainable spaghetti code in JavaScript. And yet, for all these flaws, JavaScript is the world's most misunderstood language.

Douglas Crockford, a senior engineer at Yahoo, is almost singlehandedly responsible for rehabilitating the language. In a few short, seminal online essays published shortly after the turn of the century, Crockford explains that JavaScript is really LISP, the language of artificial intelligence. JavaScript borrows heavily from LISP, and is not really object-oriented at all. This curious design was well suited to a simple implementation running in a web browser. As an unintended consequence, these same mutations make JavaScript the perfect language for building cloud computing services.

Here is the prediction then: within ten years, every major cloud service will be implemented in JavaScript. Even the Microsoft ones.

Not only will it be the premier language for corporate systems, JavaScript will also dominate mobile devices. Not just phones, but tablets, and whatever enters that device category. All the while, JavaScript will continue to be the one and only language for developing complex interactive websites, completing drowning out old stalwarts such as Flash, even for games. For the first time in a history, a truly homogeneous programming language infrastructure will develop, with the same toolkits and libraries used from the top to the bottom of the technology stack. JavaScript everywhere.

JavaScript will be the essential item in every senior software engineer's skill set.

How can such a prediction be made, and how can one make it so confidently?

Because it has all happened before, and it will happen again. Right now, we are at a technology inflexion point, yet another paradigm shift is upon us, and the JavaScript wave is starting to break.

Join us at TCube to hear Richard Rodger discuss what drove the adoption of C++, what drove the subsequent adoption of Java, and what is driving the current adoption of JavaScript? Here him talk about the key technology changes, such as Cloud and Mobile computing, and HTML5 and how they too are driving the adoption of JavaScript.

But also hear the challenges. How can you service 10000 concurrent clients on one machine? The C10K Problem, and what can be done to overcome the problems.

According to Rodger, all the pieces are now in place. The industry momentum from cloud and mobile computing. The conceptual movement towards event-based systems, and the cultural movement towards accepting JavaScript as a serious language. All these drive towards a tipping point that has begun to accelerate: JavaScript is the language of the next wave.

The second part of the workshop will be a live coding demonstration.

Free Beer and Pizza - Yay!
And that's not all.....courtesy of Ireland's newest recruitment agency for software professionals, A People Recruitment - Simply Careers Ahead, and world leading anti-virus company, ESET, and internal threat software company Safetica there will be plenty of beers and some pizza to keep you nourished.

Attending this super event is free. However, we're limited to 50 people so you must sign up and AWAIT CONFIRMATION of your place.

Live Stream
For people who are unable to make it to TCube on 29th March, NO PROBLEM! Come back to this page and you can watch a live stream of Richard as he charts his way through his presentation.

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