SharePoint and JQuery Essentials - Balt. SharePoint Meetup

Baltimore SharePoint User's Group
19-20 Apr 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Baltimore, US


Session: Essentials for using SharePoint & jQuery

Thursday: April 19th, 2012

Speaker: Mark Rackley

jQuery is the current "SharePoint Silver Bullet" promising to cure all your SharePoint ailments allowing customizations that at one point were unattainable without cracking open Visual Studio. But what is the real story with jQuery and SharePoint? How do you implement it with SharePoint? Should you implement it?

Mark has been developing software applications for over 17 years filling the roles of Project Manager, Business Analyst, Lead Developer, and Solutions Architect. 

Mark has worked in large corporate environments, small software start-ups, and as a consultant bringing real world knowledge and experience to his blogs and presentations.  Mark currently works for Juniper Strategy, LLC as a Solutions Architect and SharePoint Practice Lead making key SharePoint architecture and development decisions as well as bringing the appropriate SharePoint Best Practices to his clients and customers. Mark?s goal as a speaker, blogger, and author is to help every new architect and developer avoid the frustrations and brick walls he ran into while learning SharePoint.

We will be streaming the event live on the main BSPUG site



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