South Austin C/C++ Monthly "Coffee-and-Career-Talk": Self-Salesmanship

The Austin C/C++ Meetup Group
Thu, 3 May 2012, 00:00 - 02:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Austin, US

This month I've invited recruiter Ben Passman to speak with us.  Ben is a recent Phoenix-to-Austin transplant, who joined staffing firm vtrIt...and they have positions to fill that want C++ experience:

Before he got involved with the recruiting industry, Ben's professional background was in sales and marketing.  In fact, he offered to give us a presentation he put together...which he made to help job candidates position themselves for success in the job search.

Yet since these meetups are informal, I thought we'd rather use his slide topics as a chance to round-table some of the personality-and-social-based aspects of hiring and recruiting C++ programmers.  There are perhaps certain things that coders aren't thinking about as much as technology, and he has a couple essays on his blog about non-technical barriers to the process...which I'm sure will elicit opinions from both sides

This meetup leans a little more toward career networking than the North one.  But it also does double-duty as our South Austin programmer-talk gathering, so you certainly don't have to be unemployed or underemployed to attend!  We can talk about code, or just ramble about technology in general...

Last time I did this on a Thursday, but we'll try a Wednesday for this one.  If you can't make the day but would have liked to come on a Tuesday or Thursday, then write some feedback along with your "No" RSVP.

NOTE: The venue has food--as well as wine and beer--in case anyone was worried.

P.S. I'd mentioned that I was going to do a turning-to-the-dark-side-of-Java focus group.  But the technical VP of the Java company that was hiring wasn't available this the non-technical contact and I decided to defer that until he was available.  Sorry for any confusion on that!

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