on OCAndroid: SoCalCodeCamp Day 1of2 2012Q2+

The Android Developers/Users Group of US.CA.Orange Co.
Sat, 23 Jun 2012, 15:45 - 18:45 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Tustin, US
  1. lastMod_version_status=pst2012.01.28Sa0229 1.3  Announce-Emailed pst2012.01.28Sa0205 (just 7hrs before); please comment & RSVP!
  2. our prior one=2011.01.29(Sat)-30(Sun) SoCalCodeCamp: Saturday sessions featuring 6 on Android and 2011.01.29(Sat)-30(Sun) SoCalCodeCamp: Saturday Geek Dinner
  3. info=SoCalCodeCamp.com
    1. LYHZ36featuring 6 Android events:
      1. LYHZ64: 5 on Day 1/Sat including by our very own Jeffrey Peacock
      2. LYHZ6C: 1 on Day 2!

    2. LYHZDG: Typically at all times there is an IT lecture/session happening which is not-specifically-Microsoft (so on open source, Android, Linux, WordPress, Drupal, job finding, etc)

    1. LYI03T: Day 1/Sat ends with the famous Geek Dinner starting 6pm.
    2. LYI1C9: Day 2/Sun ends with the famous raffle.
    3. LYI0A2:  Recommended that you bring your laptop.

  4. LYI08XIf Meetup won't allow you to RSVP YES because the event has started, then (1) post your RSVP as a comment to this post and (2) ideally Meetup-email the event host your answers to to the private Qs (your name, cell #, email address, etc).
  5. permanent short URL=http://meetu.ps/6Yd6j
  6. permanent full URL=http://www.meetup.com/OCAndroid/events/49955832
  7. discussion thread of all additional aspects=post as event post comments
  8. featured history+updates, in order:

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      1. date=pst2012.01.27Fr2314=LYHYSN
      2. by=DestinyArchitect
      3. immediate motive=post this great applicable event!
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        1. link=via OCAndroid:(SCALE=annual Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo) Day 1of3 10=SCALE10x
        2. lastMod_version_status=pst2012.01.19Th0734 4.1 Announce-Emailed pst2012.01.19Th07 (just 1 day before); please comment & RSVP!

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