HPCC Systems One-Click Thor, & Spinning up a Stack (AWS CloudFormation)

NYC Amazon Web Services User Group
26-27 Jun 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , , US
10.0 USD

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1. Charles Kaminski (HPCC Systems One-Click Thor) is a Senior Architect for the technology department at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a 1.5 billion division of LexisNexis. In this role, Charles consults on various lines of business and customers regarding open source HPC solutions and data analytics to manage Big Data challenges.

2. Brian Gupta (AWS CloudFormation) is a principal in Brandorr Group LLC, an Amazon Web Services Solution Provider. Brian has over 16 years experience in the IT space in a variety of roles, including: network engineering, system administration, storage administration, High availability deployments, and IT management.

1. HPCC Systems One-Click Thor by Charles Kaminski

HPCC Systems from LexisNexis Risk Solutions is an open source, data intensive high performance computing cluster.  HPCC Systems recently released a One-Click solution that provisions and configures a Thor cluster on the user?s Amazon account.  Along with an architecture overview of the HPCC Systems platform, components and its declarative ECL programming language, we will also demo and discuss the challenges and solutions building the ?One-Click? product.


5 ? 10 min:      Welcome / Meet & Greet

25 min:      HPCC Systems Overview & One-Click Thor? Demo

10 min:      Q&A/ Open discussion & Raffle giveaway

About HPCC Systems

HPCC Systems? from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers a proven, data-intensive supercomputing platform designed for the enterprise to process and solve Big Data analytical problems. As a superior alternative to Hadoop and legacy technology, HPCC Systems offers a consistent data-centric programming language, two processing platforms and a single, complete end-to-end architecture for efficient processing. For more information, visit HPCC Systems at http://hpccsystems.com.

2. Spinning up a Stack" an Introduction to AWS CloudFormation by Brian Gupta

CloudFormation gives developers and system administrators an easy way to describe and provision collections of AWS resources. In this presentation, we'll breakdown what CloudFormation is, the components of CloudFormation, and give a live demonstration of CloudFormation in use.

We'll also share some example code, answer questions, and walk through the process of creating and managing your own templates.

- Forums: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/
- Docs: http://aws.amazon.com/documentation/cloudformation/
- Examples: http://aws.amazon.com/cloudformation/aws-cloudformation-templates/

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