How to Change the World

17-18 May 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Buenos Aires, AR

En la próxima reunión tendremos el lujo de contar con la visita internacional de Jurgen Appelo en una charla entitulada "How to Change the World":

?How do I make my managers more Agile??

?How can I convince developers to educate themselves??

?How can I make customers more cooperative??

?How do I start a European network of Agile and Lean practitioners??

When transforming organizations and other social systems people usually encounter obstacles. And these obstacles very often involve changing other people?s behaviors. Of course, we cannot really _make_ people behave in a different way. We also cannot really make people laugh, and we cannot really make people happy. But? we can certainly try!

This session is about Change Management 3.0. It is a new change management ?super model? which views organizations as complex adaptive systems and social networks. The Change Management 3.0 supermodel wraps various existing models (PDCA, ADKAR, Adoption Curve and The 5 I's). It lists a few dozen hard questions that can help people in their attempts to change the behaviors of other people in an organization and beyond. No matter whether you are a manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, software developer or writer, anyone will find it useful to know how to change the world around them.

Más info sobre el orador:

Agradecemos a 10Pines por hacer posible la visita de Jurgen, y al MUG por ofrecer sus instalaciones para esta ocasión.

Importante 1: la reunión de este mes será en el MUG (ver dirección)

Importante 2: la charla será dictada en inglés

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