Next Meetup .. NoSQL and VLDB support: Sybase Oracle MySQL and SQL Server--

The Sterling Open Source Data Solutions Group
Sat, 30 Jun 2012, 14:30 - 17:30 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Sterling, US

Please plan to attend yet another informative Sterling Data Solutions User group meeting on June 30th Saturday at 10:30am.


(1) Member socialization.

(2) Presentations:

(a) VLDB Support a compare and contrast between Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and MySQL - an architectural perspective.

Presenter: Jagan Reddy,  Author of Database Books, and Organizer of this group.

This topic will explore how database management systems are designed to handle data explosion. Details on table partitioning, partition elimination and join considerations will be discussed. Index schemes and possibly business cases will be discussed.

(b) NoSQL: What is NoSQL? Why NoSQL?

Presenter: Marty Schoch from Couchbase Inc, the owners of NoSQL.

"Simple, Fast, Elastic NoSQL Database".

Couchbase Inc is gracious to present an interesting topic on NoSQL. We know what is SQL and we know how to use SQL as database experts. But how about NoSQL? Come and learn about NoSQL. Interestingly NoSQL is very popular in social network implementations where data explodes in short time.

(3) General data management questions and solutions - a group interaction.

(4) Planning for next meetings.

I sincerely appreciate your attendance. If you can bring any snacks and drinks, it will be well appreciated.


Jagan Reddy

Owner and Organizer of the group

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