Ruby Tuesday - Monthly Meetup

OGRE - The Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts
24-25 Jul 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Ottawa, CA


Hear a talk from Russ Olsen and meet some fellow Rubyists.

Time and Place

  • Date: July 24th, 2012
  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Place: Shopify Annex. See map link for door location.
  • Bring: Yourselves :)

Plan on coming? Let us know?

We hope you can join us. If you could RSVP here, that would be great.

Tentative Agenda

Note: Moved to the Shopify Annex!

This month we?ll be hosting Ruby Tuesday in the Shopify Annex. It?s at the same office location (126 York Street), but in a bigger, better-suited room. :)

You can see a pic of the new space here.

1) Announcements and Introductions

We?ll have some brief announcements, and then we?ll go around the room and introduce ourselves and what we?re working on. This will be a good way to break the ice, and get to know each other a little.


2) Lightning Talks

We'll have some Lightning Talks by some of our members.

- Casey Li will be giving a talk titled "A Primer to Web Development"

- Lana will be presenting on some lesson's learned during some refactoring.


3) Live (remote) talk by Russ Olsen

This month, the amazing Russ Olsen (author of Design Patterns In Ruby and Eloquent Ruby) will be giving a remote talk (via Skype) on Design Patterns in Ruby! :)


4) Break / Food and Networking

Eat, drink, meet some Rubyists! :)

In the meanwhile, here are some Resources

We hope to see you there!

The Ottawa Ruby Team


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