Toronto Ruby: Ember.js & DCI

Toronto Ruby Brigade
14-15 Aug 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Toronto, CA

Our next tech talks night is taking place August 14th, 2012 at Bento Miso.

Here is the lineup:

Data Context Interaction: The Evolution of the Object Oriented Paradigm

The classical object-oriented programming is really good at capturing state and building self-contained objects. However, it doesn't provide any means to express systems of communicating objects. When you want to find out how something works, you must trace the sequence of requests for services across many objects. DCI is a paradigm addressing this problem. It makes communication patterns explicit, which improves the readability of code and helps programmers to reason about system behaviour. Victor Savkin from Nulogy will be giving an introduction to DCI: pros and cons of this approach, and how it can be implemented in Ruby.

Building apps with Ember.js: live demo

Justin Giancola from Unspace will be giving a walkthrough of Ember concepts and features while developing a simple application. He will reproduce the music player app featured in the PeepCode Backbone screencasts: and

Talk Proposals

We are always looking for new speakers to share their knowledge with the Toronto Ruby community. If you are interested, send your talk proposals to Kevin Faustino.



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