Russel Winder's Python Workshop

20-23 Nov 2012 (Add to calendar) GMT
Skills Matter at the MWB Busin , London, GB

In this 4-day Python Workshop, you will learn both low-level details of Python as well as the idiomatic design approaches in Python. We'll start with the language basics after which we discuss various testing strategies and their rationale. Through lectures, exercises and discussions, we'll introduce Concurrency and Parallelism after which we'll learn about GUI's. We'll then explore Networking, XML processing and Persistence when developing applications with Python. On the final day of this Python course, you'll work on an example of Python DSL, we'll learn about Python extensions and extension testing and we'll finish the course with an introduction to Django, Python Web Application frameworks and how to use dynamic techniques.

LEARN HOW TO: Use the basics of the Python language Apply Testing strategies and understand the rationale of these Apply Concurrency and Parellism Write GUI's for event-driven systems Explain the concepts of networking in Python Use XML for Processing Incorporate Persistence Develop dynamic Python systems with DSL's Use Python extensions and test them Write small- to medium-sized programs using modules and packages Read and amend other people's Python code and, most importantly, explore more Python techniques and idioms for yourself

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