Weekly Open Office Hours

The New York Python Meetup Group
22-23 Jan 2013 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

I am really happy to announce that NYC Python Meetup Open Office Hours are starting 1/15/2013.

When:  Every Tuesday evening, 6:30-10PM

Where: Fancy Hands, 135 Grand Street, 10013 (http://fancyhands.com/)

Who:    A group of us will be available to answer tech questions of all kinds, not just Python, and not just programming.

A trusted recruiter whom has worked with our community before will be present to review resumes and give advice. There will be no solicitation of any kind. You must approach her/him, s/he won't approach you.

The group of us, upon request,  will also give practice interviews and career advice from different perspectives. Just ask! We're here to help, and many of us have 

What:   Follow our twitter feed for updates: NYCPythonMeetup . If Office Hours are full, we will make an effort to tweet this fact, so you can hang out nearby and pop in a bit later. The goal is to allow people to wander in and out, unlike a regular Meetup. If you get involved in conversation, feel free to take it to a local drinking establishment (we'll tweet your location so others can join you), and make room for people showing up for help.

I want to profusely thank Jon Banafato of Fancy Hands ([email protected]) for loaning us this space, and providing a small bit of pizza and beer during these events. You. Are. Awesome.

Thank you, and see you Tuesday night!

NOTE: Recruiters and hiring managers are not allowed to this event unless explicitly invited. There is never a physical sign-in sheet for this event. Since the goal is to get help and then wander out/elsewhere, the attendee limit and waiting list are only for the purposes of expressing interest. Feel free to show up if you did not sign up.

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