Using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to build a Windows 8 App

Tue, 19 Mar 2013, 18:30 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Washington, US

The new cool kid in town is Windows 8 app development, Microsoft's entry into the touch-first platform market. Windows 8 Apps can be written using C#, JavaScript or C++. While Silverlight, Windows Phone and WPF developers will no doubt gravitate to C# with Xaml, web developers may wish to try their hand at using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to build Windows Store Applications. But what does it take to deliver that experience using Visual Studio 2012? The sites and can help you get started learning the basics and there are a few published end-to-end examples as well. But most of the published material around is for C# and Xaml. Jim will walk through some of the features that make HTML applications in the Windows Store attractive and useful as well as the JavaScript equivalent to some C# features common to Silverlight developers. This discussion will assume your basic level of knowledge regarding Windows 8 applications and jump as quickly as possible into the code.

Jim Jackson is the co-author of HTML5 for .NET Developers, available now at (Note: This book is NOT about developing HTML5 applications for Windows 8 but you can use the HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills you learn to build Windows 8 Apps.) Jim has worked on rich HTML5 web applications for clients like Vogue, Rolling Stone and Playboy and is currently building a number of HTML5 Apps and games for the Windows App Store. Jim will walk through the realities of working with HTML5 and JavaScript to build a rich client application. Some topics he will cover are the use of existing HTML5 JavaScript APIs like Canvas and IndexedDB as well as the paradigm shift necessary to build a completely asynchronous application.

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