Web App Architecture: BackboneJS + RequireJS + AMD

Web 2.0 Development
14-15 Mar 2013 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

As a modern front-end developer you have undoubtedly come across BackboneJS, RequireJS, and maybe even wanting to get your feet wet using the AMD pattern.

One of the common complaints is the documentation of BackboneJS and to water down the complexity of understanding the other parts of the mix.  How to effectively tie it all together?

The other problem is that even once we have understood these technologies, putting it all together into a cohesive architecture becomes a challenge of its own.  Without a strong front-end lead developer to define such a structure, this task can become quite the ground for trial and error - with an emphasis on the latter.

In this presentation I will provide a quick overview of BackboneJS, RequireJS, and AMD.  This will not be a comprehensive walk-through of the features of each, but rather an overview of each, touching on some of the points to introduce you to the moving parts, but mainly on how to effectively tie it all together.

We will also touch on various architectural goals and how my solution will lend itself to the various scenarios.

The presentation will be conducted by myself, Milan Adamovsky.  If you've come to my other events you may be familiar with my progressive teaching/presenting style - and this will be no different.  My goal is to engrave this knowledge in you and give you a solid understanding of the topic.

* 7:15pm - 9:30pm

* Introduction to Web Apps
* Introduction to proper information separation
* Overview of RequireJS
* Overview of BackboneJS
* Overview of AMD
* Overview of web app architectures
* Architectural Walk-Through

Skill Level
* Basic
* Intermediate
* Advanced


* Booker

Our sponsor will provide food and drinks to all attendees.  Please join us in being appreciative of the venue space and refreshments offered by http://www.booker.com at no cost to our community.  Your RSVP is important for our sponsor to ensure enough food will be available to everyone - so please honor your RSVP and keep it updated.

Please arrive on time, and keep questions to the end of the presentation in order to ensure that we get through all the material so that nobody gets short changed on this presentation.

If you want to prepare, I would spend some time on BackboneJS and try to understand it at least superficially to get most value of this presentation.  I would not waste too much time trying to understand RequireJS or AMD as that will be laid out for you in this presentation.

This presentation is open to every skill level.

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