Leap into the future of Human-Machine Interface

New York ALT.NET Group
24-25 Apr 2013 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US


Since the release of Nintendo Wii and its motion sensing controller back in 2006, the area of Human-Machine Interface has gone through dramatic changes. Microsoft Kinect removed the need of a controller completely but yet we are still stuck with using our fingers with mouse or trackpad with our computers. Now the Leap Motion (http://www.leapmotion.com) controller bridges the gap of full body sensing and touch interaction. In this presentation, I'll demonstrate how to use the leapjs library to visualize the data from the Leap controller in a web browser. I'll also show how to use it to interact with Chrome browser through Chrome extension with minimum amount of coding.

About the Speaker

Alex Hung is the Senior Agile Software Developer with McCann Erickson in NY. He has been working in the .NET space since 2004, developed systems ranging from financial trading, online banking. In 2008 he branched out to other languages to build auction web site, iPhone apps, and experiment with hardware such as Raspberry Pi, NFC, and 3D printing. Constantly looking for best tools to solve the problem, Alex has been using Django, Python, Amazon Web Service, and Heroku for web development. He is the co-founder/organizer of NY Alt.NET user group.

This meeting will be held at the Microsoft offices as usual.


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