Build a smarter London

Big Data Week
Thu, 25 Apr 2013, 14:00 - 16:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
Innovation Warehouse , London, GB

Building a Smarter London

Participate in the GLA ‘Smart Cities’ initiative at Big Data Week

Are you a systems integrator, developer, or data analyst? Then we need you…

The Greater London Authority (GLA) are working with the EU to develop the London Datastore (LDS) opening up infrastructure API’s to help facilitate the building of a ‘smarter’ London. We are partnering the EU iCity programme to further expand the LDS ‘Open Data’ platform to unlock ‘Open Infrastructure’ Internet of Things technologies embedded in the fabric of the city.

Open Data and Open Iinfrastructure will bring huge opportunities for innovation and benefits to the city across a wide range of Use Cases – rich data sources will be used to improve long term planning e.g. Masterplanning, make better use of resources, optimise capacity to demand, and deciding where best to place public services such as transport and healthcare.

The GLA’s Smart London Board is working with the private sector to harness innovation and create complementary ‘Smart Cities’ projects, using data from public sector devices such as WiFi networks as input to build infrastructure planning tools and customer route guidance ‘Apps’.

If you join as an developer or integrator you will be encouraged by the GLA Family to develop applications and integrate solutions within a ‘Smart Cities’ community group via hack days and Special Interest Groups (SIG). You will have the option to engage with network of senior users and stakeholders to identify opportunity areas and potential solutions.

We need a minimum of 20 developers to represent industry interests in each SIG. If you’d like to be involvedin iCity as a stakeholder or ‘App’ developer, and participate in the GLA’s Big Data Week session, please complete the form below.

Big Data Week Session

We’ll be aiming to cover a lot of ground during our session at the event on the 25th April – you’ll be sent more details nearer the time – but here is a flavour of the kind of challenges and themes we’ll be covering.

An overview of ‘Open Data’ and ‘Open Infrastructure’ what do these terms mean – what are the benefits and to whom? What do the London Datastore and iCity platforms comprise of – technical architecture and functionality. How will ‘data as a service’ be delivered from the iCity/LDS platform(s)? What is the future vision and strategy for the GLA’s ‘Smart Cities’ initiatives – where do iCity and LDS fit with these, and what are the other ‘Big Data’ and ‘Smart Cities’ initiatives the GLA is engaging with to help create a ‘Smarter London’? How can systems integrators, developers, and stakeholders engage with the GLA’s ‘Smarter London’ activities – what is the governance structure of the Smart London Board, where is the funding opportunities for start ups, what are the benefits? How the GLA’s ‘Building a smarter London’ initiative fit with other public and private sector goals for ‘Big Data’. Register your area of interest and participation

I would like to register my interest in participating in the Big Data Week session looking at the future direction of iCity Open Infrastructure and would like to be kept informed as the programme progresses.

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