In the Driver's Seat: How MSpec and BDD Will Make You a Better Programmer

New York ALT.NET Group
26-27 Jun 2013 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US


Behavior driven development has been around for a long time. With the help of Dave Chelimsky (RSpec) it's been fully embraced in the Ruby community. As a long time Ruby developer I learned how BDD helps create expressive specs that lead to high quality software. I've since learned how to harness these practices and apply them to .NET development. Over time I've concluded that writing better specs does more than boost my coverage stats or make my code "safer" -- it makes me a better developer.

This presentation will teach you how to use BDD as a tool for better design and more expressive code. You will gain a deep understanding of the MSpec famework and learn the technique of writing "outcome first specs." You'll learn how to apply BDD to a variety of software projects. Most importantly, you'll learn how being expressive in testing leads to more informed design decisions and ultimately to better software.

About the Speaker

Joe Leo


This meeting will be held at the Microsoft offices as usual. Check the Meetup site for details!

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