Scaling Agile: An overview of the Scaled Agile Framework

New York ALT.NET Group
28-29 Aug 2013 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , New York, US

This month we are happy to welcome back one of the founding members of the NYC ALT.NET User Group from way back in 2008: Dan Berlin!


Agile development has been around long enough that most major organizations have begun to use it on their project teams, but many have struggled to scale the techniques to large teams. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) bridges the gap from small teams to large scale development efforts while also merging technical best practice with Agile project management best practice. Created by Dean Leffingwell and other Agile leaders, SAFe is really starting to gain industry traction.

Dan will provide an overview of the framework and touch on some of the more "technical" aspects of SAFe that make it appealing to engineers and architects, while leaving plenty of time for Q&A and focused discussion.



Dan Berlin is an independent consultant for Slick Rabbit, LLC ( focused on Agile coaching and training. Dan has more than 10 years hands-on software delivery experience with major clients in a variety of industries, including finance, entertainment, software, and media. Dan has a deep understanding of all aspects of Agile software delivery, from project management to agile testing, and is passionate about sharing his experiences with others. Dan sometimes speaks at local software related user groups, and currently resides in lovely Raleigh, North Carolina.

This meeting will be held at the Microsoft offices as usual. Check the Meetup site for details!

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