HRNUG: DevOps with Resource Manager in Azure

Tue, 8 Dec 2015, 18:00 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
5501 Greenwich Rd , Virginia Beach, US

Main Presentation: Resource Manager is the next evolution of Azure and you may be missing out! Are you still clicking the New button in the portal?  If so, how do you perfectly replicate this across your team? How about with the Ops team?  Maybe a third-party consultant?  I guess you could automate it with Powershell but there is a better way to build your infrastructure.  We will look at Azure Resource Manager and how we can DECLARATIVELY build infrastructure for our applications using JSON.  And since JSON is just plain text, we will talk about how you can enable Continous Integration scenarios that deploy your infrastructure and code into a new immutable, isolated & lights-out deployment instance.  After this talk, you will understand what that last phrase meant and be the "talk of the town" at your next DevOps meetup! Sidney Andrews Sidney Andrews is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure consultant with  SeeSharpRun.NET. He has a background in  ASP.NET web development along with extensive experience developing applications using XAML. Sidney has driven efforts to develop and deliver Azure readiness training through channels such as the Ignite Conference, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft Official Courseware, internal Microsoft training and even public whitepapers.

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