AMP July Meeting - Introducing the New Architecture Tools in Visual Studio 2010

Atlanta Microsoft Professionals
6-7 Jul 2009 (Add to calendar) GMT
1125 Sanctuary Parkway , Alpharetta, US

Presentation Title: Introducing the New Architecture Tools in Visual Studio 2010

Presentation Overview:
The Architecture tools in Visual Studio 2010 represent a complete departure from what was previously offered. Building on the popularity of the Class Designer, Dev 10 adds standard UML models (Class, Sequence, Activity, and Component) plus the Logical Class Designer and the Layer Diagram. In addition the Architect Explorer builds a graphical view of your code and dependencies allowing you to navigate your application’s source with ease.

In this presentation we’ll explore the various models, and how you can use them not only for new development, but how they can help you wrap your arms around existing code and aid in architectural refactoring.

Speaker: Don Browning

Bio: Don is a Director of Technology at Turner Broadcasting. A Solution Architect at heart, he has spent the last 6 years of his development career focusing on the best way to design and develop large, enterprise class systems. In addition, Don is a vocal proponent of agile methodologies, and loves to have discussions about why Gantt charts lie, and why any development process other than agile is just old thinking. Currently Don is attempting to wrap his head around Dev10, TFS10, Oslo, and Meta-programming.

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