presentation and live demo of 3Tera's AppLogic cloud computing platform

LA Cloud Computing
Thu, 10 Sep 2009, 02:15 - 04:15 (Add to calendar) GMT
Venue , Hollywood, US

Bert Armijo ( will be present and give a live demo of the 3Tera's AppLogic cloud computing platform - its features and real use cases based customer deployments.

Description From AppLogic: AppLogic cloud computing platform allows users to combine any number of virtual machines into hierarchical structures such as web services, clustered data bases, and whole applications supporting the most popular data center operating systems - Linux, Solaris and Windows. Two levels of composition are supported at this time, assembled appliances and applications. Assembled appliances are placed into the AppLogic catalog to operate as a class definition from which instances can be instantiated on-demand for user applications. At the application level via a drag-and-drop intuitive GUI applications are created using the AppLogic infrastructure editor. The composition provides a standardized set of commands for starting/stopping/backing-up/scaling/migrating/parameterizing/instantiating applications. This uniform set of capabilities enables applications that are complete and totally independent from the infrastructure they run on, including storage, networking, resource budgets, and parameterization. The resulting applications are created "in the cloud" at runtime and are completely portable between physical data centers without modification.

Bert's bio is available at

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