Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO SEM October Meetup

Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO SEM Meetup
Wed, 14 Oct 2009, 00:00 - 02:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Dallas, US

Are you making good money as a Dallas Interactive Marketing Professional?

This months meeting is on the Business of Interactive Marketing... With all the usual networking, and SEO tips that keep you up to speed in the Dallas Interactive Community.

Come prepared to discuss the following:

Do you know the best selling "Items" in Interactive? SEO, SEM, Site Design, Maintenance, etc....

Discussion of the different areas of social media and expectation of pricing.

Best methods for generating new business, invoicing, and proposals.


What are some of the common costs that internet marketing companies incur?

This will be an open panel, come with your questions! We want to discuss what its like to run a business fueled by the internet and what to expect if you hire a company like this.

[b] Our speaker is our very own Organizer, Kat Rice. Kat is the founder of Veribatim.com a boutique marketing agency in Dallas. @Veribatim

Panelist include: Damian Skinner, known social media expert and speaker. Owns Riot Lounge @DamiansTweet

Erick Osia, owns Gryphon Digital Media and specializes in Web Design, Hosting and SEO @ErickOsia [/b]

While your here.... click through to support our sponsors. ParetoCentral.com and TexasSEO.com

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