Web 2.0: Exploring Ajax and JavaServer Pages Technology

Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML (Ajax) is an emerging web application development technique that leverages client-side JavaScript technology to provide a richer and more responsive user experience than can be achieved by server-side logic alone. The JavaServer Faces component framework is an extensible set of user interface components with an application programming interface (API) for dynamically managing web application state, event handling, input validation, page navigation, as well as support for internationalization and accessibility.

Who Can Benefit
Java programmers and architects

Java Programming

Skills Gained
Able to start using JSF and Ajax

Course Content

Module 1 - Introducing JavaServer Faces Technology

* Describe JavaServer Faces technology and key concepts
* Explain the JavaServer Faces components processing life cycle

Module 2 - JavaServer Faces Web Applications

* Describe the structure of a JavaServer Faces application
* Sample applications are presented to highlight the JavaServer Faces components processing life cycle
* Demonstration of building a basic JavaServer Faces application

Module 3 - Introducing Ajax

* Describe Ajax and Ajax enable web application architectures
* Describe how an Ajax interaction occurs (Anatomy of an Ajax interaction)
* List the pros/cons of using an Ajax-based client

Module 4 - Tools and Technology

* Description and demonstrations of the technologies and tools used to create Ajax web applications
* Overview of sample labs that are to be presented by the instructor
* Discuss and demonstrate the use of prebuilt Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces components
* Demonstrate sample web applications created using NetBeans, Sun Java Studio Creator 2, and the DOJO Toolkit

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