Using Java EE Patterns in Architecting and Designing Robust Java EE Applications

This course provides the student with the knowledge needed to use Java Platform, Enterprise Edition technology patterns to design and create robust enterprise applications that allow for rapid change and growth. Students will gain an understanding of the best practices needed to design and create Java EE technology applications. The student will also gain an understanding of Java EE technology patterns and how, in practice, they have proven to be valuable in implementation and solving recurring design problems.

Who Can Benefit
Java developers, programmers, and architects; web services developers.

Java Progamming

Skills Gained
Builds knowledge of Java EE

Course Content

Module 1 - Fundamental Architectural Concepts

* Justify the need for an architecture for the Java EE platform applications
* Describe five primary concerns of architecture

Module 2 - System Architecture Development and Guidelines

* Identify key risk factors in distributed enterprise systems
* Describe guidelines for effective network communication
* Describe guidelines for handling distributed transactions
* Characteristics of Sun Java Enterprise Systems Architecture

Module 3 - Analyzing Quality-of-Service Requirements

* Evaluate the effects of dimensions on systemic qualities
* Prioritize quality-of-service requirements
* Inspect quality-of-service requirements for trade-off opportunities

Module 4 - Usage of Java EE Platform Patterns

* Describe the fundamentals of Java EE platform patterns
* Describe Java EE platform patterns that assist in communications
* Describe Java EE platform patterns that assist in flexibility
* Describe Java EE platform patterns that assist in performance

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