October - Vancouver Web-Based Entrepreneurs Lunch

Vancouver Web Based Entrepreneurs
Thu, 15 Oct 2009, 19:00 - 21:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
Raw Canvas , Vancouver, CA

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great summer and are enjoying the fabulous weather we're having now!

It's been a couple of months since our last lunch, and it's time to get back into rhythm of our monthly lunches again. So the next Web Based Entrepreneurs Lunch will be on Thursday, October 15th.

Based on some of the feedback I've received from some of the past lunches, we're going to change things up a little for our next lunch. This time we'll have 3-4 topic focused/based tables, so that entrepreneurs with similar issues, passions, and interests can sit together. With that said, everyone will be free to move from table to table to network and meet other entrepreneurs or to switch to a different topic.

Topics that have been suggested so far are:

  1. Monetization and business models (advertising, subscriptions, e-commerce)
  2. Raising capital and fundraising (raising capital from Angels and VC's, SRED, IRAP)
  3. Internet marketing (SEO, SEM, Twitter, email marketing)
  4. Product Development (planning, usability, QA, development models, technology)

Please feel free to suggest any other topics that you would like to discuss. I'm also looking for one expert for each topic that can help others learn more about the topics and help guide the discussions. If you feel that you're quite knowledgeable in area please let me know.

When you RSVP, please let me know what topics you're interested in so I can ensure that there are enough seats for each topic table.

I look forward to see you all at the next lunch!

Carpe Diem!

Mike Tan

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