ColdFusion 9 ORM: Auto-Magic, Vendor-independent Databasing

The Salt Lake ColdFusion Users Group
13-14 Jan 2010 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Salt Lake City, US

Buckle up your safety belt and get ready to learn how to automate your database interaction and object-ify your apps like they were bikini models on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover.

With ColdFusion 9's native integration of the powerful Hibernate persistence framework ( don't worry if you're not sure what that means just yet ), you can exempt yourself from most to all of the SQL you usually have to write or generate to save and retrieve data from your databases.

Join us January 13th, 2010 for the first meeting of the new year as Neil shows us how ColdFusion makes leveraging Hibernate's power and convenience jaw-droppingly easy.

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