BarCamp Harrisburg

The Washington Java Meetup Group
Sat, 10 Apr 2010, 14:00 - 16:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
Harrisburg University , Harrisburg, US

There has been some interest in carpooling up to BarCamp Harrisonburg. We'll be planning a local meetup in DC in January and February that'll be sent out shortly where people who are interested can coordinate for this. I will not be able to attend, but please RSVP and let me know if you are willing to serve as the 'host'.


Some info on this 'un-conference':

The topics for this year’s BarCamp Harrisburg will be the Web with a track on education.

Attendees arrive around 9-10 am, have breakfast, network, and post topics they would like to discuss on a schedule board (we’ll have markers and paper available to post topics). Following a brief kick-off meeting with the entire group, the day will consist of sessions broken down into 45-minute blocks. There will be a break for lunch, followed by afternoon sessions that will run until around 5 pm.

This year’s BarCamp Harrisburg will be held at Harrisburg University’s 16-story campus in downtown Harrisburg. The facility’s classrooms include wireless Internet and access to projectors. Attendance is free for those who register, but space is limited, so register early!

Last year’s sessions included:

  • Building a site using the Gaia Flash Framework
  • Open source content management systems
  • Developing Desktop Applications using AIR
  • Developing Android Applications
  • Using Seaside
  • How to use SVN with Web projects
  • Top Photoshop Tricks
  • Top WordPress and Drupal plugins
  • Application Performance & Scaling
  • Best Security Practices
  • Unix Command Line Productivity Tips
  • Applying User Interface Design to Source Code

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