RailsConf Europe 2008

O'Reilly Media
2-4 Sep 2008 (Add to calendar) GMT
Maritim proArte Hotel , Berlin, DE
from €345
RailsConf Europe, co-presented by Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly Media Inc., is the official, trusted event for the Rails Community in Europe. To meet the increasing demand for skill building, and to spread the joy of Rails to programmers and IT managers alike, RailsConf Europe 2008 will feature the most innovative and successful Rails experts and companies from across the continent and around the world, providing attendees with examples of development paradigms and design strategies to enable businesses and new arrivals to the Web to take advantage of this new generation of services and opportunities:
  • An entire conference (three full days) dedicated to Ruby on Rails
  • A spotlight on creative experts, leaders, and the under-the-radar innovations driving Rails adoption and integration
  • See how European Rails users are making money at Rails
  • Find out the state of Ruby on Rails in Europe and see how others are applying the Rails framework in their projects and businesses
  • Meet up, connect and collaborate with the growing european Rails community
  • A full day of Rails tutorials - hands on, in-depth, half day sessions
  • Meet members of the Rails core development team
  • Face to face interaction, networking and inspiration with other like-minded programmers
  • A meeting place where larger and/or more estabilished Rails users come together with unsung innovators and brand new start-ups to inspire one another and generate fresh ideas.

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