Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007 Workshop

The Nairobi NetSquared Meetup Group
Sat, 29 May 2010, 06:00 - 08:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
(Exact location not available) , Nairobi, KE
45.0 USD

Advanced Excel Course Outline ( To sign up go to

Class Description
Class Overview

In this advanced Microsoft Excel 2007 training course, you will automate some common Excel tasks, apply advanced analysis techniques to more complex data sets, collaborate on worksheets with others, and share Excel data with other applications.

Class Goals
•Increase productivity and improve efficiency by streamlining your workflow.
•Learn to collaborate with others using workbooks.
•Learn to audit worksheets.
•Learn to analyze data.
•Learn to work with multiple workbooks.
•Learn to import and export data.
•Learn to use Excel with the web.
•Learn to structure workbooks with XML.

Class Outline

Streamlining Workflow
Create a Macro
Edit a Macro
Apply Conditional Formatting
Add Data Validation Criteria
Update a Workbook's Properties
Modify Excel's Default Settings
Collaborating with Others
Protect Files
Share a Workbook
Set Revision Tracking
Review Tracked Revisions
Merge Workbooks
Administer Digital Signatures
Restrict Document Access
Auditing Worksheets
Trace Cells
Troubleshoot Errors in Formulas
Troubleshoot Invalid Data and Formulas
Watch and Evaluate Formulas
Create a Data List Outline
Analyzing Data
Create a Trendline
Create Scenarios
Perform What-If Analysis
Perform Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak
Working with Multiple Workbooks
Create a Workspace
Consolidate Data
Link Cells in Different Workbooks
Edit Links
Importing and Exporting Data
Export Excel Data
Import a Delimited Text File
Using Excel with the Web
Publish a Worksheet to the Web
Import Data from the Web
Create a Web Query
Structuring Workbooks with XML
Develop XML Maps
Import and Export XML Data

Other stuff you will learn are:

Go to: to sign up.

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