OpenKinect: Creating next-gen interfaces

Fri, 21 Jan 2011, 00:00 - 02:00 (Add to calendar) GMT
Arlington Central Library - Auditorium , Arlington, US

Kinect is awesome. Kinect on your PC is even more awesome. An international community of developers creating free, open source drivers and software for using Kinect with your PC is the most awesomest of all. That is what the OpenKinect Community is about. In this session, Joshua Blake, founder of the OpenKinect Community, will tell the story of how the community worked together to open up Kinect, demonstrate Kinect working on a PC and some videos of what other people have created so far, and show you how you can start programming with Kinect and create next-generation natural user interfaces.

Bio: Joshua Blake is an integrator (developer-designer hybrid) with extensive experience developing Natural User Interfaces for Microsoft Surface and Windows 7. He is a Microsoft Surface MVP and is deeply involved in the Microsoft Surface and NUI communities. He maintains the InfoStrat.VE and Blake.NUI open source projects on CodePlex and founded the OpenKinect community. Joshua maintains a blog “Deconstructing the NUI” at and is currently writing a Manning book Multitouch on Windows ( Joshua is a senior consultant with InfoStrat in Washington, DC.

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