'Front-End' Web Developer

Storm Creative Media Limited
Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
£18,000-25,000 GBP per year

About Storm Creative Media Limited

STORM IS A FULL-SERVICE CREATIVE AGENCY. This means we have creative, journalistic, marketing and digital media services all working side-by-side under one roof. This approach makes it simple for you and makes the creative process more efficient – whether we’re delivering websites, publications, an advertising campaign or a new brand.

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Job summary

We are looking for a full-time 'front-end' web developer to join our expanding digital media team.

The candidate needs to be enthusiastic, proactive and passionate about programming. And, as well as having a killer set of skills already, you will need to want to learn new talents, understand the latest web development technologies and get to grips with the latest programming languages.

Although much of the work will be ‘backroom’, there will also be times when you will need to liaise directly with clients – in person, over the phone and by email – to help them with issues directly, so outstanding communication skills are also a must.

Finally, as part of our growing team, you will need to work well with other people, as well as take responsibility for your own work within specific projects.

Skills & Requirements

We need someone who is highly skilled in the following areas: * Solid JavaScript knowledge is essential. As modern web applications are now starting to blur the boundaries of what can be achieved and making applications feel more 'desktop like' it's critical to have good JavaScript skills. e.g. Ajax, DOM manipulation, cross browser implementations etc, ideally without a framework! (as it'll demonstrate you understand the actual language itself) But we have been known to use jQuery on some projects when needed. You should be able to determine when it's best to use a framework and when not to, and we expect as part of your skills to know the pitfalls/best practices of the library. * Strong CSS skills * We use OOCSS (Object-Oriented CSS) as a way to better manage the layout and structure or our websites/applications. * Understanding the best practices for structuring/architecture of your style sheets. * Experience utilising some of the new features of HTML5 (we appreciate that this is a bit of a 'loaded' term, which means more than what HTML5 strictly covers - such as SVG, CSS 3, CORS, Geolocation etc - but your passion for technology will mean you are aware of these intricacies)

In addition, the following technical skills are not required but would be to the successful candidate’s advantage: * AMD/Modular JavaScript (we use RequireJs for loading our AMD modules) * Performance and optimisation experience/knowledge Knowing how best to load page assets (and when) and how to enhance a page Validating and linting your code (and knowing when not to get too strict about it) Target the key rules of YSlow and Google Page Speed. CSS spriting JavaScript optimisation (knowing not to just make micro-optimisations for the sake of it) *Mobile Knowledge/experience with the different routes to making (or converting) a website to be mobile accessible (inc. 'mobile first' approaches). * Regular Expressions * Understand the MVC design pattern (and/or other design patterns) and how/when to utilise them. * Version Control (we use the Git Version Control system) * Active Github account (someone who likes to hack and share what they do)

Responsibilities * Report any issues (technical or otherwise) to your line manager * All projects should have a technical specification of functionality written up for client approval before development begins - which you will either handle yourself or work with a back-end team member if there are server/database related technologies involved for the project. * Pro actively discuss new ideas and techniques with your colleagues (being passionate about technology you'll be excited to share what you've learnt) * Be understanding. Sometimes a client can make a poor judgement/decision. We will always advise our clients of our recommended solution, but if the client chooses to ignore our advice then so be it - accept it and move on.

How to apply

If you think you have the right skills and you’d like to apply for this role, simply send your CV to [email protected]

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