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About Infusion

Why Infusion? You are a tech pro. Champion of the semi-colon, source control, and anything right-clickable. You don’t need to search the net for code questions, for you have already answered them. So strong is your passion for emerging technology that you continue to read this job posting. And with your design, leadership, and consulting skills, you can schmooze with the big guns, and still make it to work at 9:30am. Just in time for your social committee meeting: the one where you were supposed to rent out the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Let it be known that your technical prowess and clear communication can get you where you want to be. With that, you've earned this opportunity to work with us, and to enjoy the international flavour of the consulting company cupcake. Bon Appétit, future Infusionite; bon appétit.

About Infusion Infusion is a Microsoft Partner that applies emerging technologies to solve complex software problems. Our international offices offer a full suite of information technology services with a focus on talent, technology, and design-driven methodologies, placing Infusion at the forefront of interface exploration. Infusion has presented Surface solutions for many of the world's largest organizations in the retail, financial services, hospitality and tourism, and government sectors. As emerging technology specialists, we have several very exciting projects set to launch using cutting edge technologies like .NET 3.5, WPF and Silverlight. We are looking for developers who have either worked with these technologies or can pick them up quickly.

Job summary

Design and develop capital markets trading systems and platforms as part of an effort to build new strategic systems using the latest .NET technologies. Work with the Microsoft technology stack in a consulting environment. • Deliver critical projects and components for one or more of our Fortune 500 clients. • Work face-to-face with clients to identify requirements, create architecture, and implement innovative solutions. • Create essential components for our client's current front-office applications.

Skills & Requirements

  • Established experience with the Software Development Lifecycle, Composite Application Block, (CAB), and Model-View-ViewModel pattern.
  • At least 3 years of involvement with the design and development of .NET projects for at least 3 years.
  • At least 6 months experience with WPF and the ability to design, organize, and implement modules; create product testing plans; perform system testing and support; and maintain existing systems.
  • Strong design skills and the ability to work independently and in a team setting.
  • A general knowledge of Microsoft technologies or experience in financial services industry is also an asset.

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Our tools

We've got automatic conversion tools to convert C# to VB.NET, VB.NET to C#. Also you can compress javascript and compress css and generate sql connection strings.

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