.NET Software Engineer

London, United Kingdom
£25,000-50,000 GBP per year

Job summary

Software engineer with extensive knowledge of the .NET platform, including object oriented design, agile development, design patterns, AJAX and at least one other development language.


  • Agile software development methodology (XP, Scrum, etc.)
  • Object oriented design
  • Heterogeneous platform architecture
  • Design patterns (not just MVC)
  • .NET 2 or newer
  • At least one other development language: Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc.
  • AJAX and Web 2.0 technologies
  • Best practise tools for .NET: NHibernate and others
  • RDBMS (SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL, ideally two of them)
  • Design & build of ecommerce systems
  • Web hosting and delivery
  • Linux
  • Integration with and migration from legacy systems
  • Bonus points for WMS, MMS, BI, ERP
  • Bonus points for SOA, ORM, ESB, OODBMS, Memcache, CDN
  • Bonus points for Open Source contribution


  • Plenty of initiative and ability to work in high change environments
  • Excellent written and verbal communication (to technical and business)
  • Strong team and mentoring skills, collaboration and delegation
  • Good planning and estimating
  • Able to cope with many different projects and initiatives simultaneously, and to deliver under pressure Character
  • Very smart
  • Motivated by difficult challenges
  • Desire to be the best and build the best team
  • Passionate about software engineering, web or web 2.0, ecommerce, or agile
  • Active with technology and the web outside work
  • Thrives in less formal environments
  • Bonus points for cycling or triathlon interest

Primary objectives & responsibilities

  • Timely delivery of the IT strategy projects on or under budget to a high quality
  • Working with business stakeholders to identify business needs and model solutions
  • Conducting research into new technologies and systems to provide solutions
  • Designing and developing new features in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET .NET and SQL Server, applications, specifically in CRM, ERP, ecommerce, CMS, affiliate, KPI reporting
  • Support and maintenance of business applications
  • Finding, investigating, tracking and triaging bugs
  • Black box testing, unit-test & test-case design
  • Driving acceptance and use of agile methodologies and O/S technology
  • Driving adaptation of appropriate web technologies and patterns, including AJAX and social networking
  • Improving reliability of production systems

These roles are responsible for the full SDLC of all software systems in the company as well as other departmental responsibilities.

About the company

Wiggle (www.wiggle.co.uk) is a successful and rapidly growing ecommerce site for cycle and triathlon goods, with significant volumes of international sales. The business is based near Portsmouth.

We are making changes to our IT infrastructure in 2010, and are looking for a number of engineers to join the business. As our growth continues, there will be plenty of opportunities to take leading roles in designing and implementing the shape of Wiggle’s IT.

Wiggle’s technology is mostly built in-house, with.NET 3.5 with SQL Server 2005.

How to apply

To apply please send you CV, together with a covering letter outlining your salary expectations to [email protected]

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Our tools

We've got automatic conversion tools to convert C# to VB.NET, VB.NET to C#. Also you can compress javascript and compress css and generate sql connection strings.

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