RIA Weekly: The Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) – RIA Weekly #68

RIA Weekly

Intuit offers a ready-to-use PaaS for building on-top of QuickBase, including with Flex.

Episode synopsis

IPP Stackitecture

This week, Coté is joined by Intuit’s Jeff Collins to talk about the Intuit Partner Platform, or IPP, a ready-to-use PaaS for building on-top of QuickBase, including with Flex.

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IPP is a very interested Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) available from Intuit used for building on the existing QuickBase ecosystem. It uses Flex as the user-interface technology and there’s also a marketplace available to sell the applications in. More so than just using Flex, I think IPP and platforms like it are a space where RIAs will really start to shine.

As you may recall, we’ve discussed IPP before in the podcast, notable in episode #45 with guest Alex Barnett, also of Intuit.

A full transcript will follow as well.

Disclosure: Intuit is a client, and sponsored this podcast.

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