Rails Envy Podcast: #98: I leave my syntax out when company comes over

Rails Envy Podcast

Episode #98- I leave my syntax out when company comes over.

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Episode #98- “I leave my syntax out when company comes over.”

Important inaccuracy in this week's show: We have misrepresented Bryan Liles as having written the dm-is-schemaless plugin when, in fact, it's actually Bryan Smith. Sorry guys!

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The Rails Envy podcast is brought to you this week by NewRelic. NewRelic provides RPM which is a plugin for rails that allows you to monitor and quickly diagnose problems with your Rails application in real time. Check them out at NewRelic.com.

Show Notes

  • Gemcutter will become default host for gems

    Gemcutter will become the default for Ruby gems. They hope to complete the transition by Rubyconf. The new address will be http://rubygems.org and migration paths are being worked out.

  • Rails in a nutshell

    Rails in a Nutshell is a concise introduction to Rails, an overview of commands and configurations, and a guide to the parts of Rails you'll be using every day. It's written by Cody Fauser, James MacAulay, Edward Ocampo-Gooding, and John Guenin. It's a beta book and you can comment on every paragraph.

  • Devise is a new authentication gem for Rails

    Devise is a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden. It's Rack based, is a complete MVC solution based on Rails engines, allows you to have multiple roles (or models/scopes) signed in at the same time, and is based on a modularity concept: use just what you really need. There's also an example app available.


  • Ancestry 1.1.0 Released

    Ancestry allows the records of a ActiveRecord model to be organised as a tree structure, using a single, intuitively formatted database column, using a variation on the materialised path pattern. It exposes all the standard tree structure relations (ancestors, parent, root, children, siblings, descendants) and all of them can be fetched in a single sql query. Additional features are named_scopes, integrity checking, integrity restoration, arrangement of (sub)tree into hashes and different strategies for dealing with orphaned records.

    Version 1.1.0 Notable new features:
    * Depth caching and selecting records on depth
    * Easy migration from parent_id based plugins like nested_set and acts_as_tree

  • Dm-is-schemaless

    Brian Lyles of TATFT fame has written dm-is-schemaless which is a DataMapper plugin to accomplish schemaless storage in a relational database by storing it in JSON with a primary key.


  • Trusted Params

    Rails plugin which adds a convenient way to override attr_accessible protection.

  • Riot

    Riot is a new, concise, and fast testing mini-framework.

  • GeoMereLaal

    GeoMereLaal is a plugin that includes all you need to create Location-Aware rails application based on W3C Geolocaton API.

  • The Complete Class

    Robert Klemme posts a thorough walk through of writing a Ruby class on the Ruby Best Practices blog.

  • acts_as_pingable

    Acts as pingable is a Rails plug-in for simply opening your Rails app to HTTP pings. It can produce pingdom.com XML.

  • Sinatra_more

    Sinatra_more strives to be a central-hub for useful sinatra extensions such as tag helpers, form_builders, partials, and a whole lot more.

  • Installing Varnish with nginx, Passenger, and Monit on Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid

    Trever posted a tutorial about getting nginx, passenger, varnish, and monit installed on the Almost Effortless blog.

  • Loofah

    Loofah is an HTML sanitizer. It will always fix broken markup, but can also sanitize unsafe tags in a few different ways, and transform the markup for storage or display. It's built on top of Nokogiri and libxml2, so it's fast.

  • Rails 2.3.4 and SWFUpload

    Brian Racer posted a walk through of how to get SWFUpload working with Rails 2.3.4 for gracefully degrading flash and javascript uploads.

  • Curbit

    CurbIt makes it easy to add application level rate limiting to your Rails app by using a controller macro.

  • Amazon RDS

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers a set of services that together form a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive computing platform ‘in the cloud'.

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