Ajax charting from Dundas

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
Version 5.5 of Dundas Chart for .NET adds full Ajax support to provide web apps with the same level of interactivity as Windows Forms applications without downloading any controls. In particular it makes possible functionality such as zooming and scrolling without having to completely refresh the data. Instead, only the data for the new view is downloaded asynchronously, to give the user the impression of a local interaction.

Many of the new features benefit both Windows Forms and ASP.NET developers – these include new 2D and 3D visualisations, Scale Breaks, enhanced Legend features and Custom Templates, adding even more options to developers who are implementing charting into internal projects, or building applications for clients.

Online demos of the new Ajax and interactive features are available at the Dundas web site, and full non-time limited evaluation copies are also available for download.

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