IDEs for Ruby on Rails

This article was originally published in VSJ, which is now part of Developer Fusion.
CodeGear’s 3rdRail IDE, which is built on Eclipse, contains productivity features aimed at making it easier and faster for both new and experienced Rails developers to build database-driven Web applications. Areas addressed include code navigation. – a dependencies view uses a combination of syntactic and semantic analysis to provide a view of all project interdependencies. Its CodeGear Commanders provide a quick interface to the RoR command line for running code generators and performing other tasks, integrating it into the IDE. It also features intelligent code completion and refactoring tools.

SapphireSteel Software’s latest release of Ruby In Steel provides an alternative Ruby IDE using Visual Studio. This uses Microsoft’s recently released ‘Visual Studio Shell’, which is providing some competition for open source Eclipse-based IDEs. It has full Ruby IntelliSense and a fast debugger. Support for Microsoft’s forthcoming IronRuby language is also in the pipeline.

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